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You may be injured by a garage door if you’re not careful. We have tips on how to avoid that and more.

Cold weather preparation for garage doors

The experts at garage door Repair Company in Caldwell recommend specific measures before and during winter. Ensure that all metal parts are well lubricated in order to reduce the risk of rust during the cold months. Clean the structure and also ensure that you remove excess snow every morning. Weather stripping is also essential.

Managing garage door drums and cables

The drum is an important part of the garage door structure. Look at the installation diagrams of your owner’s manual in order to see the correct placement. The drum is supposed to be made of cast aluminum alloy with a diameter of 12.6 inches. The cable should unwrap round the drum and wall.

The power of insulated garage doors

The insulation technology of garage doors seals off the air leaks and high temperature from the outside. This also prevents the buildup of molds that may damage your walls or post a potential hazard to your health.

Test the automatic reversal mechanism without the safety sensors

For this, you will need a free-standing object which does not block the sensors such as a folding chair. Open the door fully, place the object underneath it and start the closing process. The door must reverse as soon as it touches the chair. Otherwise, garage door opener repair must be provided immediately.

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