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If you are looking for detailed information and advice on the topic of automatic garage doors, you will find them in our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about these systems.

Is it okay to ignore some missing parts if my garage door still works?

While the garage door still works as a whole even if a small part has gone missing, our specialists recommend getting a replacement immediately – even if it is just a small screw. Because garage doors are big moving objects, the areas with missing parts could experience tension or stress as the door moves and eventually break.

Will my automatic garage door opener still work on a power outage?

Some automatic garage door openers have a back-up power stored in the machine itself, while others do not. For the latter, it could help if you have a small generator in the garage, not just for the opener, but for other purposes as well. If this is not possible, manual opening is still an option.

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