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Reasons For Torsion Spring Failure


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Reasons For Torsion Spring Failure

Torsion Spring Failure | Door Repair Nearby Caldwell NJ Area

The torsion spring is a very important part of a garage door and if suddenly broken may cause a great danger to anyone. Homeowners must be able to detect if torsion springs are already malfunctioning to prevent having serious injuries from happening. If it fails to work, the best thing to do is to contact one of our professionals and have it repaired.

The Reason And Its Prevention

There are common reasons why garage door torsion springs are easily damaged and you must remember that you can always do something for it not to happen.

Spring Becomes Rusty

Rust is a sign of an unhealthy spring. Once it starts developing, it will lead to corrosion of the springs and will make it weak for its role in the door’s mechanism. To avoid having this, you can spray the coil with some lubricant every three or four months.

Springs Used Not Compatible

Not all springs are the same. There are specific length and width measurements for springs that you must consider before buying one. Experts on garage door repair will be able to identify the kind of spring to be used on your garage.

Spring Is Old

Springs can only last in a set period of time not forever. If you frequently use your door then it will be broken sooner. If you know that your family uses the door many times in a day, you must invest in a spring with extended lifespan.

Poor Maintenance

If garage door maintenance is not done constantly, you will have a bigger chance of having a broken door sooner. Not only the torsion springs will be broken but other parts as well. Lubrication maintenance is very important and another thing that you must do is to perform balance test often to make sure it still works perfectly.


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